About the Cacuaco Forum on AngoNet


Cacuaco Forum on AngoNet is a digital space for dialogue between communities and local government in Luanda about planning and development. This website is a platform for sharing information about basic services in Cacuaco that was created by Cacuaco Forum members through participatory mapping and urban assessments with residents.

Cacuaco is Luanda’s fourth most populated municipality with over 970,000 residents after Viana, Cazenga, and Kilambi Kiaxi. The Forum is made up of civil society organizations and associations in Cacuaco that have been working to reduce poverty by bringing basic services including water, sanitation, and education and health facilities to an area of Luanda that continues to urbanize rapidly.

This website features data from the Forum’s 2012 survey that can be utilized for advocacy related to development in Cacuaco.

About the Luanda Urban Poverty Programme (LUPP) and the Global Program for Inclusive Municipal Governance (GPIMG)

Cacuaco Forum is supported by Development Workshop, the Luanda Urban Poverty Programme (LUPP), and the Global Program for Inclusive Municipal Governance (GPIMG) of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Luanda Urban Poverty Programme (LUPP) began in 1999 and builds capacity among civil society organizations in Cacuaco to promote community-led development and management of basic services.

The Global Program for Inclusive Municipal Governance (GPIMG) aims to foster a productive relationship between city governments and the urban poor that can serve as a model for other developing world cities to follow as they seek to address the challenges of urban poverty.

Cacuaco Atlas

This website summarizes data from the Cacuaco Atlas that was created by the Cacuaco Forum in December 2013.

The atlas includes information about development issues and profiles the people and programs that are working to improve basic services in Cacucao.

Local organizations can also use the advocacy poster to communicate the information in the atlas to residents – hang this poster in a creché, health center, market, or community center.

Download the Atlas
Download the Poster